Jeff Harris

Photo by Jeff Harris

I find it quite odd how similar Jeff Harris’ project is to that of Charles Trippy.  Jeff Harris is a photographer who set out to take one photograph of himself or what he does everyday.  His project started in 2007 and continued all the way until 2011.  He never missed a day.  As the days, months and years progress we, as an audience can see the treatment of the photographs becoming more intricate.  I for one have noticed that the photos start off quite simple and as time progresses I find the photos to be more captivating and they appear to be more thought out.  Throughout Jeff’s project, he discovered that he had cancer.  After this discovery, he takes us through his journey in various photographs of him at the doctors, going through treatment etc…

Charles Trippy has been vlogging himself consecutively for over 5 years now and has just recently been diagnosed with brain cancer.  In Charles’ case, vlogs are more personal and they give his audience a more in depth feel for what is going on in his life.  None the less, these two situations are very similar.  Two people who set out on a project to challenge themselves and document their, seemingly average, lives, end up battling a terrifying disease. 

These two men inspire me as a photographer and a film maker.  I would one day like to challenge myself to something similar.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am very passionate about the idea of documenting life.  One day, I would like to embark on a daily photo or video challenge and see how long I can keep it up. 

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